Ribbon drop down menu

Jul 17, 2009 at 12:59 PM

I am trying to dynamacly create a Ribbon drop down menu, but am not finding where to fill my information.

I would also want to have my button divided in two (upper and button parts, like you see in many places, but am also not being able to do it).


<r:RibbonCommand x:Key="LineCommand"
                                 ToolTipTitle="Line info"  />


<r:RibbonDropDownButton x:Name="LineToggleDropDown"  Command="{StaticResource LineCommand}" >
                            <MenuItem Name="TESTE LINE" Header="gistline1" IsCheckable="True" StaysOpenOnClick="True"/>


So I want a function that erases the teste line and dynamicly updates. I thought I could do it in the "UpdateData_Executed" but nothing happens when I click to drop down the menu.


Can anyone help me with these TWO (the drop down list update and the two buttons in one) problems?