DataGrid Binding to ObservableCollection

May 2, 2009 at 4:56 PM

We're in the process of building a WPF application and trying to use the latest and greatest stuff. We have a View that has a DataGrid. This DataGrid is bound to the ViewModel's ObservableCollection using it's ItemsSource. Am I correct in understanding that if the contents of the ObservableCollection changes (add a row of data for example) that this should be updated in the View? I'm not sure why this might not be working but if I new up a new ViewModel then the View does correctly display the additional row. Shouldn't this just work by design (doesn't the ObservableCollection do all the Notify magic) or am I missing something? I can set breakpoints and see that the ObservableCollection is getting the additional row, but it's not showing in the View. Please - what am I missing?