Ad-hoc row Grouping

Mar 23, 2009 at 10:46 PM
I would if there is a way to implement ad-hoc rows grouping.  Here is a typical user-case scenario:

Here is a user case scenario.

1) A user highlights one section of rows on the datagrid.
2) User right clicked on the mouse and chooses to group the highlighted rows.
3) The rows grouped together and can be expanded or collapsed.
4) A description and or an icon can be assigned to group.
5) The rows that were not highlighted will NOT be grouped.
6) Grouping does not change the order of rows.

This is not your typical database rows and columns but instead it will be use a script editor.  For example, the loop below would be grouped together. 

Command do something 1 (maybe initialization) 
Command do something 2 
Loop n_times
  Command do something 3
  Command do something 4
Command End.

Any help is greatly appreciated!