DataGrid combining an IList<string> property and a Name/type tuple list from a schema

Jan 9, 2009 at 3:24 PM

I am replacing a Windows.Forms DataGrid with a WPF DataGrid with a data binding to an IList<string> property.

The existing DataGrid has three columns
 - A string containing a field name
 - A string containing the field type
 - A checkbox

The strings containing the field name and field type come from a schema, and the checkbox values that are check marked are those elements in the IList<string> property that match field names in the schema.

Is this possible to represent with the WPF DataGrid and data binding to the property?
If so, can it be done with XAML magic?

Or should I try to insert some kind of adapter between the collection property and the DataGrid?  Perhaps in the form of a value converter that has the schema inserted as the context argument?  (is it possible to have value converters on collection properties...?)

All ideas welcome!


- Steinar