Datagrid StringFormat from Resources

Dec 11, 2008 at 4:46 PM

I have a datagrid and I like to display date columns.

As my application allows to change the culture at runtime, I use a custom markup extension to switch my UI labels

This works fine and is done in Xaml using : dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="{Loc P_TimestampImport}"  ...

Now I want to use the same mechanism for the format of my date columns and I try to use :
          <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="{Loc P_TimestampImport}"    Binding="{Binding Path=TimestampImport, StringFormat={Loc T_DateTimeFormat}}" IsReadOnly="True"/>
This displays the data correctly after startup, but the format of my date values does not change.

How can I bind the data in a way, that directly switches the format?