Color wheel and color/palette manipulation

Nov 25, 2011 at 6:31 PM

I was working recently on color/palette manipulation for my timeline project (, example of color wheel is here: and now want to make it separate project or

maybe put it into another, more generic project, like this one (though right now I have only silverlight version).

My idea was to simplify control styling, from color perspective: if I try to style button or other control, blend generates default style template with lots of colors, but mostly they are just derivatives (lighter, darker, light-to-dark

gradient) of small number of base colors. This led me to an idea that control styles could have them written in more generic way like this:

     Background="{Binding Source={StaticResource ColorManager}, Path=[ButtonBackground-LightDark]}"

The next question that I wanted to answer is what other function are there to manipulate or compare colors and create palettes and what is the good way to visualize palette creation.

Any advice if this color manipulation function and color wheel control maybe added to this or similar projects?