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DataGrid/DatePicker Designer
Commonly Requested Features, How To's, and Samples
Below find links to "How To" guides for implementing commonly requested features which are not available in V1 of the Toolkit components.
Known Issues
Following is a list of known issues and work-around solutions where available.
Resources for Testing Your WPF Application
  • WPF Test Tools including WPF Control Verifier Version 0.1
  • TestApi is an experimental library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to test WPF applications, Windows Forms applications, .NET Framework applications, and Win32 applications. TestApi provides a set of simple, documented, componentized, and layered test APIs, which complement the WPF Application Quality Guide and the materials available on the WPF Testing blog.

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UncleMike Jul 1, 2010 at 1:48 PM 
DataGrid: when is this going to have the same Paging functionality as the Silverlight control (which provides the helpful PagedCollectionView class) ?