DateTimeAxis to filter weekends, holidays, etc.

Oct 6, 2009 at 8:47 PM



I'd like to create a time series chart that only displays date/time information by business days - so it should skip the weekends and holidays.


This is a common thing to do for stock charts, for example


I looked into using  category axis & just specifying weekdays as categories. The problem with that approach is I want the user to be able to slide the dates around & each time a category axis's bound data changes all the series need to redraw themselves.


Does anyone have a good idea on a solution here? I'm thinking I could either implement a custom axis that inherits RangeAxis from the source (but that leads me down versioning issues, etc.)


Or I could somehow get a DateTimeAxis and CategoryAxis working together so that the user sees a category axis & the data is bound as such, but the interaction happens through a datetimeaxis so dates can be changed