No RibbonTextBlock?

Sep 24, 2009 at 11:30 AM


I wanted to add a RibbonTextBlock to my ribbon bar but ran into a slight problem - there isn't one! I briefly looked into RibbonLabel, however it lacks the Command field that I use on the majority of other ribbon controls and which I would like to use for this control.

My aim is to create some text as an item within a RibbonDropDownButton that tells the user there are no clickable options, should there be none. I would also like it to have a tooltip title and tooltip description, like other ribbon controls, to explain why there are no clickable options.

I guess as an alternative I could disable the RibbonDropDownButton and modify its tooltip to explain why it no longer works, however I am still curious if my original plan can be achieved (and why there is no RibbonTextBlock!)

Thanks in advance.