Where can I find examples for DataVisualization?

Sep 17, 2009 at 10:32 PM



I've downloaded the datavisualization demos, but they rely on a great deal of WPF paradigms that I'm just not getting.  For instance, to create a line plot, I don't see how to programmatically update the data in SalesDataCollection (for instance), since it's not accessible in the codebehind file (or at least, it's just not in the codebehind, and everything in this example seems to work by magic).


I want to:

1) create a scatterplot with a set of datapoints.  These datapoints will have several pieces of data associated with them, not just X and Y coordinates, so that I can switch the type of scatterplot easily.

2) have axes that should be between 0 and 1 and be nameable with a relevant title string.

3) draw a convex hull over the top points, as in a convex hull ROC curve.

4) Do this quickly.  

I'm not that conversant in what appears to be the current paradigm of spreading logic throughout four or five different files (the xaml file, the xaml.cs file, several .cs files that have constructors, etc), and I'm more than willing to have my code be slow, because I'm looking at about graphing fifty points total.  There's the stuff in Delay's blog, but I don't see a scatterplot in there, just other chart types that aren't really that useful to me (and I could replicate in Excel).