How do I set font of a ContentPresenter's text (in a DataGridColumnHeaderStyle)

Aug 14, 2009 at 6:59 PM


How in the world can I change the font color of the datagrid's column header font.  I am working in Expresion 3 and I have made it into editing the template of the DataGridColumnHeaderStyle.  When I get down to the ContentPresenter inside the template, containting the text 'DataGridColumnHeader', I can't find any way to edit the font color.  I've searched tons of newsgroups, web videos, and other with no luck.  I'm sure its something simple, and that I have completely overlooked, but I can't find out how. 


Please help!  BTW, I am fairley new to Expressoin and WPF, but have been messing with it a lot recently and watching a lot of web vids on it.

Thanks in advance.