Cell Borderbrush Color and the Cell Background Color????

Jul 15, 2009 at 9:29 PM

I ask this question because upon coloring the cell background with the color I needed I noticed that something looked funny. The Borderbrush was not colored.  So I said ok I'll just color it and change it individually each time I move from cell to cell but something is a miss.  Once I color the Borderbrush the same as the background color you can't see it anymore.  I know. Your saying duh.  But really should it be that way?  The borderbrush shouldn't really have it's own area from outside a cell.  It's position should be inside the cell.  Because of the way DataGrid is designed it doesn't look like coloring the Borderbrush seems to be a good idea.

However.  I still need to color my cells without a transparent Borderbrush that's actually visible due to the fact that you can see though it to the background.


Any Ideas?