MVVM and WPF Ribbon

Jul 14, 2009 at 1:53 AM

Ok, MVVM is new to me.  So new, I've not tried the new toolkit ( only scan over it ).  It appears this type of model is where WPF applications are heading and I wanted to know if my thinking is correct.  Don't be too harsh, but let me know if I'm headed in right/wrong direction.  I base my thinking on using MVVM with a menu control ( either basic toolbar or new WPF Ribbon ).

I would like to create an app that has many UI for various processes, charts, wizards, etc.  Each UI would be displayed via a menu selection to start each individual process.  I would like to have some UI visible at the same time, so I'm thinking some sort of Docking control would be required. ( NOTE: If showing multiple UI is harder to implement, we can just start out with one UI at a time for now.  Also, I don't want to have to use third party Docking controls;  Looks like MS won't be releasing a Docking control for some time now. ). 

Now I picture this app having two pieces... a menu and a docking area/Frame for holding the UIs.  I say docking area/Frame control because I don't want to do the usual ShowModal() and have another UI overlapping my main application.  I would like for it to be displayed in docking area/Frame control.

With that said, it this where MVVM comes in handy?  Is my thinking right/wrong?  Should I have put more effort in learning the MVVM toolkit and/or other MVVM links/blogs?  Is there samples in the toolkit that do what I'm asking?  Or other examples elsewhere I should review?

In addition to this, I really hope that the WPF team plans on releasing a Docking control in not-so-distant future.  There are many controls I would love to see moved over from WinForm and Silverlight platforms, but the Docking control is a must.  Thanks in advance.