Add Sub Columns in DataGrid

May 30, 2009 at 7:47 AM


In my UI i want to show sub columns in a  datagrid like My column is "Share Of Market" in that column i want to show 2 sub coulmns. I wil get these two columns from a  data table. User will give values in the sub columns but not in main column. for example i bind two columns in the Data table then sub columns of the ""Share Of Marke" column will be "HH1" and "HH2" user will enter values in these two columns.I want to show data grid in the following structure where 1 is the user entered data in HH1 and HH2 and year is my another column

----------------------------- | -----------------------------------------------------------

                Year               |                  Share Of Market


                                      |           HH1                      |         HH2


           2005-2006           |            1                          |       1