MVVM - Generate ViewModel from model

May 9, 2009 at 4:53 PM

Hello guys, I've been thinking of creating a ViewModel generator that would read a model class using reflection and allow you to choose which properties to include in your ViewModel. 

I've seen XAML power toys and its good for generating the UI part, but the Create ViewModel for class thing dosen't allow you to choose fields based on the model, and of course you also have to manually do the mapping of the model to the view model, which I think can be automated via this tool I'm thinking of.

Of course if you have a very simple model, things are easy, but once you get to a model that has 20+,50+,100+ properties it can get very daunting and even if you choose just a cuple of them you have to manually bind them.

I haven't found anything that does this, if you guys know about something let me know.