hierarchical Datagrid

Apr 22, 2009 at 8:11 AM

I need help on how to build a cutom datagrid.

I have data that I want to display in my datagrid. but the data also has subitems. now I was wondering if it would be possible that when I change a setting that all the subitems set that setting also...


item 1 has a boolean that is set to true.
 subitem 1 has also a boolean set to true
 subitem 2 has a boolean set to false

If I now change the boolean from item 1, all the boolean from the subitems are also set to false.

and i have another question. how can i best display those items in a datagrid so that it is clear what to main items are and what the subitems are(hierarchical Datagrid)?

thank you for the help