How to show columnwise total in a datagrid (WPF ToolKit Datagrid)

Mar 27, 2009 at 1:11 PM
Hi All,
I'm new to WPF. I'm using the datagrid control from WPF toolkit.

I've an SP which gives me the list of tasks and the amount of time spent on each task by a person for 1 week. The binding to datagrid is all done. The datagrid looking like,

Activity    Monday(Time spent hrs)    Tuesday    wednedday    thursday    Friday
Activity1    10                                    10           10                    10              10           
activity2    8                                        8             8                    8                  8

Now i want to display the row wise total as well as the column wise total of the effort spent.
like this,

Activity    Monday(Time spent hrs)    Tuesday    wednedday    thursday    Friday    Total
Activity1    10                                    10           10                    10              10           50
activity2    8                                        8             8                    8                  8            40
Total          18                                    18            18                    18            18            90  

1. I want to do on press of TAB key after editing the effort in a cell.
2. And also, There is an option to add rows to the datagrid. I'm able to add rows at the end. But i would like to have the Total row always be the last in the grid. 

Can anyone please tell me how can i do these things.?

Thanks in advance.
Mar 27, 2009 at 9:34 PM It is not exactly the same but it might help.