Manually create unbound datagrid

Feb 20, 2009 at 12:50 PM
If it is in fact possible to do, can someone please provide an example of the following:

create a datagrid
create a datagridtextcolumn
add the datagridtextcolumn to the datagrid
create a datagridrow
set the text of the datagridtextcolumn for the row to "test"
add the datagridrow to the datagrid

I would like to create a datagrid that is unbound. My reason is that i would like to create a template column with multiple controls of different types and numbers - 2 checkboxes, 4 radiobuttons, 5 checkboxes, etc. - which are dynamically added at runtime and since the type and number are unknown cannot think of a way to databind them. I am happy to work unbound.

Thank you in advance!