Issue setting HorizontalAlignment=Left on ScrollContentPresenter

Feb 2, 2009 at 4:16 PM

Setting the ScrollContentPresenter HorizontalAlignment to "Left" does not behave as expected.  There is a tiny column added to the end of my DataGrid on the right.  If I resize my last column and make it larger by dragging to the right it covers this "extra" column.  However, if I resize my last column making it smaller by dragging to the left this "extra" column that is created is now the size of my last column before I made it smaller.  This does not occur on the DataGridColumnHeadersPresenter with the HorizontalAlignment set to "Left".  My work around for this issue was to change the itemsPanel for the DataGrid to use a standard StackPanel, which worked fine in the CTP.  Since upgrading to V1 the DataGrid no longer respects the itemsPanel Property.  Any suggestions?

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