Grid performance with very big datasets

Jan 26, 2009 at 3:51 PM

I need to find a WPF grid capable of handling custom header templates and being able to handle approximately 300 columns by 300 rows.  The WPF Toolkit grid's performance seems terrible even with Virtualization enabled on both Rows and Columns.  Selecting a row takes a few seconds and when i scroll horizontally to the last column and i click too fast, I often get an array out of bounds exception.

I create a dummy DataTable with 300 columns and 300 rows and bind this to the Datagrid. I'm using the October 2008 version of the Datagrid.

I have compared this with the performace of a hosted Winforms Datagrid which is way better!  The Winforms Datagrid is actually usable, although to have custom header templates and a frozen column i will need to extend the default Winforms Datagrid which I'm not very keen on doing.

I have also compared the performance with the free Xceed grid, which handles much worse that the WPF Toolkit's Datagrid.  The Infragistics WPF grid was the only free one that could easily handle 1000 columns by 5000 rows with a complete usable interface, although again it does not support a frozen column.

Any tips on boosting performance on the WPF Toolkit grid?