Adding a Windows Application project as a reference to a WPF application

Jan 9, 2013 at 4:09 PM

We have a WPF Application (w/ Prism & Unity) and we also have a legacy WinForms application. The WinForms application primarily functions as a client side process that listens on a port.

Confirm/Comment on the following:

-          We can add the WinForms Windows Application project into our WPF solution.

-          Add a reference to it from our WPF shell project.

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-          Bring in the prism assemblies to allow communication between the WinForms assembly and our WPF Shell and Module assemblies.

-          Runtime we will execute in a single client side process with the ability to leverage the listening functionality of the WinForms project/assembly via Prism + IEventAggregator.