Creating DatagridRow Style crashes blend

Dec 3, 2008 at 5:04 PM
Edited Dec 3, 2008 at 5:45 PM
Hi folks !

Runnig with Blend 2.5 June preview and WPF Toolkit (latest).

I´m trying to create a DatagridRow Style in Blend but every time I got "Null reference exception".

- New wpf window 
- Adding a DataGrid into it
- Selecting the DataGrid
- In Blend main menu select Object | Edit Other Styles | Edit Row Style | Create Empty...
- Give it a name (in my case DataGridRowStyle)
- I have created it into a Resource file, but have the same problem creating it into the current window

Here occurs the first of my problems. Blend creates the style but didn´t associated it with any "TargetType" - this is the XAML created by Blend for my Style :
<Style x:Key="DataGridRowStyle"/>

Browsing around I find that I have to change this line to:
<Style x:Key="DataGridRowStyle" TargetType="tkt:DataGridRow"/>

This line works with other Styles (i.e. ColumnHeaderStyles and changing TargetType to DataGridColumnHeader) but in this case, when I try to change my new created DataGridRow Style I´m getting this NullReferenceException ...

Anyone can help me ? Doing my styling manually into VS2008 give me the desired DataGrid but I think that doing this kind of work in Blend is much more productive.