NewItemPlaceHolder - Positioning and Visibility

Nov 16, 2008 at 3:23 PM
I have a Grid where i want to show no NewItemPlaceHolder , but i can add Rows.

I have a Button which calls
protected void DataGrid_AddRow(DataGrid p_grid,MouseButtonEventArgs e) {
            try {
                DataView l_view = (DataView)p_grid.ItemsSource;
                ICollectionView view = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(l_view);
                _iecv = (IEditableCollectionView)view;
                _iecv.NewItemPlaceholderPosition = NewItemPlaceholderPosition.AtBeginning;
                p_grid.SelectedIndex = 0;
                //p_grid.ScrollIntoView(CollectionView.NewItemPlaceholder, p_grid.ColumnFromDisplayIndex(0));
            }catch (Exception ex){

How can i archieve that the newItemPlaceHolder isn't visible until the Button is pressed ?
Thanx for help
Nov 18, 2008 at 1:37 PM
What is the current behavior when using the code above?  It appears like it should show after the button is pressed.