Ribbon ToolTip

Nov 3, 2008 at 12:36 PM

I set the ToolTipImageSource and ToolTipFooterImagesource properties of a Ribbon Command to a PNG 16x16 image.

However the image gets streched and apears about 5 times larger, even tough i don't have a lots of text in that tooltip, just one line.

Same with the ImageSource property for a command used to display an application button - the round one in the left top corner of a window. Image is PNG 32x32 but appears very small.

Ale done using Office2007Blue theme.

Any suggestions?
Nov 3, 2008 at 10:59 PM

Hi dawidlazinski,

Right now there is just one template for the Ribbon ToolTip that is generated, and it will stretch the image you assign to fit that template. However, an image is not required for the ToolTip, so you can just leave the ToolTipImageSource and ToolTipFooterImageSource properties blank if you don't really need the image in your ToolTip.  I believe you could also override the autogenerated ToolTip by setting a ToolTip locally on the control.  We'll look into making some improvements to the autogenerated ToolTip template in V1.

I believe that there is a standard size for the image in the application button, so likely the image is just getting scaled down to fit. 

The hands-on-lab located here includes a sample of Ribbon and you can look at the icons in the lab to see an examples of images that work well in the Ribbon.