Custom Axis

Nov 29, 2010 at 3:11 PM

I'm trying to implement a custom axis for the chart control, but am inhibited by the fact that OrientedPanel is internal. Yes, I can just modify the source, but I'm wondering why this class was made internal in the first place, and how developers are expected to create custom axes without modifying the original source. Same goes for ObjectPool<T>, although I can make do without that one.

My specific use case is I'm creating a LightweightCategoryAxis that only creates AxisLabels if it's told to. This allows me to use a CategoryAxis even in cases where there are too many categories to legibly label. Setting label visibility to collapsed avoids the rendering of the labels, but it does not avoid their creation, which is causing performance issues.

Any thoughts? Is my only option here to resort to a custom build of WPF TK?