[WPF Chart] Automatic SeriesDefinition generation inside StackedColumnSeries?

Aug 26, 2010 at 10:09 AM


I want to visualize a collection of the following class:

public sealed class Data
   public DateTime Date { get; private set; }
   public string Category { get; private set; }
   public int Amount { get; private set; }

Date should be on the x-axis and Amount on the y-axis while the items should be stacked by Category.

However, when using e.g. a StackedColumnSeries I need to specify the SeriesDefinitions manually - one for each category. This is problematic as I do not know which categories will exist at runtime.

I am now looking for possibility to auto-generate the SeriesDefinitions in this case by writing something like:

<StackedColumnSeries StackByPath="Category" DependentValuePath="Amount" IndepententValuePath="Date" />

Is this already possible? If not, I would suggest this feature!

Thanks for your response