Adding a new row and Set focus datagrid.Can you help?

Jul 22, 2010 at 8:50 PM

Hi all

I have a datagrid and a button "Add Row" I would like to achieve the following.When a user presses the add button a new row is added and the first cell gets the focus and is ready to write

The example here 

 does just that but I find it too complex (sorry still beginner) to make it work in my example.

I have tried to strip it all down to the bare minimum so that i can get just the bits I need to give the user a simple edit experience.

Do you have an example I can download or help me to strip down the basicgrid in the example to the bare minimun so that does simple editing no frills and stuff so that i can see how its done.

Cannot beleive there are no examples out there.


thanks for any suggestions