can't style Datagrid RowHeader template

Jun 25, 2010 at 11:57 PM

When I attempt to style the datagrid's rowheader, this functionality stops working entirely. Steps are:

  1. create a datagrid in Blend 3.0, populating it with some live data from the Reuters top news feed
  2. run the project. everything works fine. Row header exists and has the standard light blue hover, click to select states, etc.
  3. right click in the Objects panel and create a copy of the row header style/template
  4. select to create the template in the same page (window), keep Blend's name of RowHeaderStyle1
  5. Blend creates the style with the template inline, and assigns the datagrid the RowHeaderStyle=RowHeaderStyle1
  6. In the design window, the row header turns white
  7. Run the project. The row header is white and nonexistent. Looking at the project in Snoop, the rowheader no longer appears in the visual tree

I really need to style this part of the datagrid. What's going on that it breaks when I just copy the style/template out?

Thanks in advance,