RibbonTabPanel and RibbonGroupPanel Hogging Keyboard Input

Jun 17, 2010 at 10:54 AM

If you click on what I assume to be the RibbonTabPanel or the RibbonGroupPanel (the panel on which the ribbon tabs and groups respectively are located), any KeyDown events for cursor keys do not make it to the Ribbon or to the Window containing the Ribbon (yet KeyDown events for other keys, along with KeyUp events for cursor keys, appear to work fine). Further, if it is the RibbonTabPanel, the tabs will move to either the left or the right if the corresponding cursor key is pressed. The hands-on-lab Ribbon example does the same.

Does anybody know a way around this?

I have tried setting focus away from the ribbon at appropriate times. Neither the RibbonTabPanel nor the RibbonGroupPanel can be accessed directly so I have instead tried ensuring the focus is not on a control which does still require it (such as QuickAccessToolbar, ApplicationMenu, RibbonDropDownButtons, text input elements or comboboxes) first, however I have been unsuccessful with this. For one thing, once the ApplicationMenu has been accessed, ApplicationMenu.IsKeyboardFocusedWithin returns true even after I click in a textbox within the Ribbon proper.