Multiple Column combobox within WPF datagrid

Jun 8, 2010 at 6:00 AM

Hi Experts,

I wanted to create new method in custom control for WPF datagrid, which allows to display multiple column Combobox within datagrid. However we implemented new method for single column combobox(using DataGridComboBoxColumn Class) within WPF datagrid, also we created new methods with the help of following classes to implement single and multiple Column combobox in Windows form DataGridView:

1) DataGridViewComboBoxColumn

2) DataGridViewComboBoxCell

3) DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl

But in WPF datagrid it seems there is no alternative classes available in replacement for DataGridViewComboBoxCell and DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl mentioned above, which is required us to implement Multiple column Combobox within WPF datagrid.

Requesting you to please help us in this regard.

Also it would be great if you could share some sample code if you have any.

Thanks & Regards

Kartheesh M.