Add References showing old version of WPF Toolkit

Apr 29, 2010 at 8:16 PM
I followed the instructions to uninstall the old version of the WPF Toolkit (3.5.40128.1) and install the new version, no problems. However, in VS 2008 when I choose Add References, the VERSION number still shows the old version 3.5.40128.1 for all of the WPF Toolkit files. If I examine the files in the PATH on disk, they are actually the new version 3.5.50211.1. I tried the reset toolbar trick, uninstalling and reinstalling again, repairing, etc., to no avail. The problem is that the project is also being built in an automated fashion using MSBUILD, and MSBUILD can't locate the old version of the assemblies... Any ideas on how to solve this?