Apr 23, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Hello everybody,

Could someone kindly explain me how GroupSizeDefinitions work? 

I looked at the examples provided with the WPF Ribbon Framework, and I went through the few lines of explanation that are in

I tried to get some additional help Googling it but with no luck at the end.


If I understood correctly, GroupSizeDefinitions are used to define how the Groups in a RibbonTab have to layout.

Personally, I would expect that if I have 3 groups and 3 GroupDefinitions (LLL, LSS, LSL), the first group lays out using the LLL schema, the second one with the LSS and the last one with the LSL. 

But that's not what happens. All of them are displayed with the LLL layout/groupdefinition.


Could you help me to bring some light on this? 


Thanks in advance,